Screen Shots

Toolbar Buttons

Goto Today

Go to today's date page by clicking the "Goto Today" button:


Alternately, choose "Goto Today" from the Plugins menu or type Ctrl-Alt-T:



When using this plug-in with tabs, you may want to update dynamic content by clicking the "Refresh" button:


Alternately, choose "Refresh" from the Plugins menu or hit F5:


Day Pages

Dynamic Navigation Links

These links to the previous day page, the month page for day shown, and the next day page are automatically updated every time the page is opened. (If the next day page is not yet defined, the next day link points to either today or tomorrow.)


Day Page Template

Define a template page using the attribute [ page]. Everything on the template page will be copied to space shown when a new day page is created.


Dynamic Parent Links

All links to this date appear here. Optionally exclude other day pages from this list by using the [ true/false] attribute.


Week Pages (optional)

Week pages are disabled by default. Optionally enable week pages by using the [ true/false] attribute. Week numbers follow the ISO-8601 standard. Weeks start on Monday. The first week of the year is the week that contains that year's first Thursday. The highest week number in a year is either 52 or 53.

Month Pages

The dynamic month calendar in edit mode:


And in preview:


The event records are added using the [event.class.YYYY-MM-DD: name] attribute:


Archive Page

This archive page has been renamed "Journal" using the attribute [ Journal]

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